Accounts receivable

We have all-embracing expertise in managing accounts receivable processes for a variety of global clients. This includes assisting clients in streamlining their process by providing access to financial and credit history, establishing strict and clear payment terms, online invoicing, and providing various payment methods. We also adhere to a data-driven AR policy and assess its effectiveness using key metrics such as day Sales Outstanding, Collection Effectiveness Index, and AR Turnover Ratio.

Our clients have been able to build a systemized approach to issuing invoices and collecting payments by relying on our strategic accounts receivable solutions. They were able to develop a neat billing and credit approval process, keep customer data more organized, fine-tune billing terms, reduce waste, and improve their bottom line thanks to this approach. We also assist you in tracking receivables before they become delinquent and cause cash flow issues. We are skilled at reviewing open invoices, categorizing customers based on the ageing schedule, compiling a list of customers with outstanding invoices, and much more.

Accounts receivable Services:

• Sales Orders
• Sales Order to Invoice Conversion
• Matching Invoices with Customer Payments
• Invoice Receipt Verification
• Monthly Open Balance Statements to Customers
• Cash Application
• Credit Memos Processing
• Credit Decision Tools with Continuous Monitoring
• Monthly AR Ledger Reconciliation
• Bad Debts/ Delinquency Management
• Aging Report Preparation and Processing

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