International Franchise Consultancy

Our mission at Imperial Wisdom is to become your trusted partner when it comes to international franchise consultancy. As an advisor dedicated to helping businesses expand their reach through franchising, we look forward on helping you expand throughout both domestic and international markets.

In order for your franchise to grow and achieve your Growth Goals, our team of experienced franchise consultants has a wealth of knowledge and expertise to assist you on your journey through the complex world of franchising.

• Assisting businesses in franchising their concept.
• Identifying and evaluating franchise expansion opportunities.
• Developing international franchise networks.

• Assessing the viability of franchising a specific business.
• Market research and competitive analysis.
• Identifying potential franchisee markets.

• Developing franchise agreements and legal documentation.
• Structuring franchise fees and royalty structures.
• Establishing franchisee training programs.

• Creating marketing strategies for franchise recruitment.
• Branding and marketing support for franchisees.
• Co-op marketing initiatives.

• Identifying and qualifying potential franchisees.
• Managing franchisee application processes.
• Conducting interviews and assessments.

• Providing operational guidance to franchisees.
• Implementing standardized systems and processes.
• Offering ongoing support for franchisee success.

• Advising on international market entry strategies.
• Navigating international regulations and laws.
• Localization of franchise concepts.

• Developing training programs for franchisees.
• Training on business operations and customer service.
• Ongoing education and support.

• Conducting performance evaluations for franchisees.
• Benchmarking against industry standards.
• Offering recommendations for improvement.

• Ensuring compliance with franchise laws and regulations.
• Handling legal matters related to franchise operations.
• Resolving franchise disputes and conflicts.

• Assisting franchisees with resale or exit planning.
• Valuation of existing franchises.
• Transition management.

• Providing a platform for franchisee networking and collaboration.
• Franchisee forums, resource centers, and online communities.

• Tailoring services to meet specific client needs.
• Offering expert advice on franchise-related matters.

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