Offline & Online Data Entry

We can capture your data using OCR or manual data entry and deliver it to you via offline email reports or directly to your online database or cloud-based software application.

Online Data Entry Services:

• Custom Data Export/Import Interfaces with Audits

• Data Input into Business Applications Hosted on Cloud or Remote Desktop Server
• Online Content Conversion Services
• Online Data Entry for Product Registration Cards and Product Catalogs
• Data Entry from E-Books and E-Magazine Publications on the Internet
• Online Copying, Pasting, Editing, Sorting, and Indexing Any Type of Data

Offline Data Entry Services:

• Excel and MS Word Documents
• Translation of Data from One Version/Format to Another
• Offline Data Capture
• Data Entry into Database Programs
• Offline Data Collection
• Offline Sorting and Indexing of Data Entry in Any Format

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