Recoveries / Debt Collection

We can help you get paid faster, save money, and have peace of mind with our one-of-a-kind call centre debt collection service in Sri Lanka. It can be a waste of resources to have a specialized team member whose main function is debt collection. Imperial Wisdom is ready to assist Sri Lankans with their debt recovery needs. We accept responsibility for fast debt collection, remind clients of outstanding balances on a regular basis, and provide dependable service.

A variety of things can have an impact on payment schedule adherence. As a result of the current economic crisis, customers' ability to pay may be stressed, leading to a rise in past-due accounts. They postponed payments, whether on purpose or mistakenly, in the expectation that their financial situation would improve. In such a circumstance, swift action by a third party is required to recover what is owed.

The provision of this service in-house is both a waste of resources and a distraction from the company's principal objective. Outsourcing this activity can therefore improve business productivity by ensuring complete AR collection and allowing for better resource management. As a result, the weight of bad loans will be reduced, and cash flow will improve.

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