The purpose of telesales is to produce satisfied clients who will return to you in the future. Telemarketers assist in-person salespeople by phoning potential customers to pitch deals and set up meetings.

The primary function of a telesales representative is to make outbound calls to potential clients in order to push offers or set up appointments with field sales agents who will ultimately close the deals. This type of relationship-based sales is supposed to improve revenue from earlier transactions.

Imperial Wisdom, as a pioneer in the Sri Lankan telesales business, is well-positioned to assist its clients in increasing their market share through the acquisition of new customers and the execution of creative sales methods.

We can build a solution to your individual requirements, whether you need customer survey solutions, telesales outsourcing in Sri Lanka, or an upsell plan for your existing clients.

Nobody executes outbound telesales in Sri Lanka better than the team at Imperial Wisdom. We have already embarked with a presence all around the world serving the outsourcing requirements of the clientele from USA, Canada, and EU to Australia.

To ensure that our clients get the most out of our outsourcing services, we teach our workers to thoroughly understand their requirements and to provide innovative solutions. To produce the best potential results and build long-term relationships with our clients, we embrace a collaborative mindset and collaborate closely with them.

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